Online Course Evaluation

The course failed 3 times and shut my computer down. This is quite distracting.

Regulations...regulations. We don't need no stinking regulations!

This course was totally useless.

I commute over 100 miles a day and see examples of not following these rules constantly. I know that following them reduces my stress and has saved me many times.

One hour of my time and the colleague's waisted.

I know radiation, I spent 11 years at ComEd nukes. This course is pain in the butt   :(

To stop 15 feet short of a stop lite or 15 feet behind a car at a stop lite does not seem practical.  You're probably going to piss others drivers off and create more problems than you are really avoiding.

How could you miss the safety example of "no running with scissors"? :-)

There is no room for disgustion in on-line courses....

To be perfectly honest, I kept getting questions wrong because I kept falling asleep. This thing was extremely boring.

I was kicked off over a dozen times.

No time to evaluate the course.

- Unknowns

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