If anybody anywhere anytime say I am an INTERNET hooligan... DON'T believe them. Really I'm very sorry for my awful English. I had no practice for ten years. Chinese, chinese, only Chinese. In 1983-84 I had been studied in NUS(National University of Singapore). Oh..! Times...!!!
Listen to me: I don't understand Americans. They are very closed. You HAVE to help me if you are White. I hate Yellows. Esp Chinese. But I am Chinese interpreter and I'm working working and working with them. Do not let anybody to see this letter. If any danger - eat it down,please. (joke) Seriously: I have an information about China nuclear materials contraband from China all over the world. Nobody here pay attention on these facts. I'm trying to connect Americans who are researching Chinese problems but didn't success yet. If possible ring up to CIA or NSA(National Security Agency) and tell them about me(a kind of joke). Indeed - help me to contact sinologists from the USA. If I earn a big money I never forget you, Andrushenka. I am sick and tired to go to this God damned commerce with Chinese. I can pass more information about me and my matter.

Yours Igor Majarov

Как сознательные партийцы, мы, конечно, передали "сигнал" в CIA. К сожалению, Игорь на связь больше не выходит. А интересно было бы узнать, чем дело кончилось.
"Мы сдали того фрайера войскам НКВД,
С тех его по тюрьмам я не встречал нигде.
Нам власти руки жали, жал руку прокурор,
Потом нас поместили под усиленный надзор."

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