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Today - 03.06.2023

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Company "Polygon of Virtual Education"

is presenting e-Learning System "Carat" (based on AICC and SCORM standards). You can be in any next role:
Student - login as demo-student.
Course writer - login as demo-course writer.
School tutor - login as demo-tutor.

E-mail: support@pvobr.ru.

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forget about heat - start learning!

05.10.2009 E-learning system "Carat" at Workshop on computer science and information technologies CSIT’2009, Crete, Greece, 2009 Подробно...

01.06.2008  'Photo service' was added. Users can publish their photogaleries

29.05.2008 'Useful links' service is available. Users can promote interesting web sites and vote for them. Подробно...

21.05.2008 'News service' was added. You can publish your own news and estimate the others. Подробно...

06.12.2007 English version of "Karat" was launched. Go to russian version Подробно...

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